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Services and Amenities

Whether you fly a Pitts or a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ), you can expect professionals with a warm welcome, a big smile, and passion to serve you above and beyond your expectations.  Our staff knows what is important to flight crews and passengers. The cleanliness of our facility and our wide range of services will make your visit to the Treasure Coast pleasant and productive.   Our facilities are located immediately off the prevailing wind longest runway, providing quick and easy access to our fuel farm tanks, 350,000 sq ft ramp area, five spacious hangars (67,000 sq ft) that provide secure aircraft storage, and our corporate offices, which include our comfortable pilot and passenger lounge areas, conference room, Wi-Fi internet access, rental cars, catering and WSI flight planning and internet services.


Our services at Corporate Air include Jet and Avgas refueling stored in our large capacity fuel tanks and trucks. Our NATA Fuel Quality Management System is above requirements by FAA standards and monitored and tested daily by highly trained and experienced staff. Our jet fuel prices are the best at the Vero Beach Regional Airport and we are Corporate Aircraft Association (CAA) approved.

The Corporate Air Fuel Quality Management System (FQMS).

The myriad of checks, inspections and tests that make up our fuel quality control (QC) system is based on a comprehensive cloud-based digital QC system, the NATA Safety 1st Fuel QC Management System (FQMS).

The FQMS leverages the power of modern cloud and digital technologies to provide solutions to many of the issues that exist within any fuel QC system.

Facility supervisors and managers, as well as customers, are then able to monitor remotely the operation of our fuel QC system.

Human factor issues are of particular concern in fuel QC. The identification and communication of nonstandard conditions and trends falls completely on people who are subject to many factors that can compromise their performance

The Safety 1st FQMS utilizes a digital system. Cloud-based records and a customizable alerting system create instant visibility throughout our organization.

Managers, supervisors and even business owners can set their alerting preferences and receive real-time updates on QC issues, that provide critical alerts and daily summary reports highlighting findings and system status.

Reviewing QC records is nearly instantaneous from anywhere in the world with internet access.

The NATA Safety 1st FQMS also addresses accountability. The system is designed so that checks and inspections are completed using a mobile tablet or smartphone that captures and stamps each entry with the current user as well as the date, time, and location the entry was created.

Adding to the accountability features, daily inspections can only be entered on the day they are due. If daily inspections are not done during the current day, the system records a “not completed” entry and cannot be overwritten.

Finally, to help address human factor concerns, the Safety 1st FQMS includes “Compliance Sentry” technology that reviews inspection results and identifies nonstandard conditions that alert both the inspector and management.

In the FQMS, discrepancies are automatically alerted and status updates populate throughout the system keeping everyone informed. Open items can only be resolved by authorized individuals, ensuring that records of maintenance are captured and stored.

The Safety 1st FQMS provides an auditing portal that allows FBOs to provide remote access to customer and regulator auditors. Auditors are then able to log into the FBO’s system to perform a remote records audit from anywhere in the world allowing them to apply a risk-based approach to onsite audits, saving time and money.

Jet Juice, our In-House Fuel Transportation Service

Jet Juice guarantees fuel delivery from the port to our fuel farm without any service delays or inconsistencies. We have two 8,000 gallon transport tankers and a total fuel capacity of 46,000 gallons. By having our own fuel transportation service, we are not effected by such concerns as a shortage of drivers or other delays. Our customers can count on Corporate Air to be able to provide the fuel they need when they need it. And every fuel delivery undergoes the NATA Safety 1st Quality Control Management System process ensuring quality fuel everytime.


Our dedicated and experienced staff is available daily for any necessary maintenance of your aircraft. We have been providing maintenance to aircraft for over 35 years and a combined maintenance experience of 75 years ranging from small aircraft to large jets. Our Director of maintenance Evan Lobdell holds a FAA airframe and power plant mechanic certificate with Inspection Authorization.

Hangar Space

Whatever your aircraft storage needs, Corporate Air can handle them!  We have five hangars offering over 67,000 square ft of space.  Our FBO is capable of storing aircraft up to the size of the Gulfstream G4s. Our spacious hangars are brightly lit, secure, and well-built – protecting your aircraft even in hurricane conditions. Hangar storage and rental is available for locally-based and transient aircraft and is offered on a daily, short-term, or long-term basis, as your needs dictate.  Please feel free to call us for a competitive price quote at 1-800-517-5007. New Hangars under construction – reserve your space now.


Charter Jets to and from Vero Beach through our Orchid Island Aviation aircraft charter operation on your own schedule and to your destination.
Spoil yourself and remove the stress of traveling by airlines. It’s amazing how much time you save and how rested you will feel by reducing the hassles of traditional airline travel.

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