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Some Honorable Mentions

2022 SBA Award (Read Article)

2022 IRC Business of The Year Award

Hangar Construction

As a result of continual requests for available hangar space for medium to large turbojet and turboprop aircraft operators, Corporate Air negotiated the 40-year lease of Parcel 30 at the airport. This lease is for 13 acres of a 370,000-square-foot newly constructed concrete ramp and space to build up to six 20,000 square foot hangars. The newly constructed ramp was paid for by a $7,000,000 grant from the FDOT and the FAA. The construction of the first two hangars will begin in February 2023.

US Customs Border Patrol User Fee Facility

Corporate Air has entered into a partnership agreement with the City of Vero Beach to totally finance the planning, design and construction of a USCBP User Fee Facility at the Vero Beach Regional Airport. The planning and design phases are now complete. The contracts for engineering and construction are now approved and as soon as building permits are signed off we will have our ground breaking ceremony in April 2023. The process began in the Spring of 2019 and after four years of nonstop deliberations with the City of Vero Beach, the USCBP, and the Airport Authority we will finally begin to see the physical erection of the facility next door to our passenger terminal. Many thanks to all who were involved in this very important addition to our city and the airport, which is ranked the number one general aviation airport in the state.