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About Corporate Air

Corporate Air is a family-owned and operated FBO (Fixed Base Operator) located in Vero Beach, Florida at the Vero Beach Regional Airport. We were established in 1987 by Owner and President, Rodger Pridgeon. With the support of family, dedicated employees, friends and amazing customers we have grown to 4 hangars and the most luxurious FBO terminal building at the Vero Beach airport. This multi-million dollar expansion is comprised of a 17,000 sq ft beautiful hangar, spacious ramp to handle up to a Boeing Business Jet, and 4200 sq ft state of art FBO terminal. Customers get a warm welcome feel from our pleasant employees and welcoming beautiful facility. Corporate Air Inc mission is to always strive to make quality customer service our number one priority and it shows by our repeat customers and growth. Our aim is to always provide excellent aviation services at very competitive prices.

About Our Staff

Our staff consists of the following amazing employees that have made our vision a reality.

Rodger Pridgeon: President/ manager and founder
Diana Pridgeon: Accounting – 20 yrs
Evan Lobdell: Director of Maintenance – 20 years
Justin Pridgeon: Quality control of fueling and line manager – 12 years
Neil Pridgeon: Charter Sales – 15 years
Krystle Minner: Rental Cars and Hotel reservations – 8 years
Matthew Grall: Aircraft fueling and line service
Ashley Aranda: Customer service representative