Flight Planning

Let the experienced staff at Corporate Air help you with your Flight Planning!

For those who need or desire important flight planning assistance, we can develop a flight plan that:

  • Calculates your aircraft's fuel needs to safely reach your destination
  • Complies with all air traffic control requirements
  • Chooses appropriate routes, altitudes, airways, and speeds

Our flight planning takes into account the type of aircraft, waypoint considerations, and weather factors – including head and tail winds, temperature, and storm events. We can also develop additional summary plans and route descriptions with alternative airports, if required.

“Safety First Flight Plans” that satisfy all fuel and planning requirements, and efficiently get you to your destination, are a Corporate Air hallmark!

[For those who wish to do their own flight planning, our FBO has a private pilot’s lounge that is equipped with a WSI computer to help with fight planning and weather updates. Click here for more information.]



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